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Committed to
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Women Empowerment
& Rural Education
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Nurture is a comprehensive sustainable development initiative envisioned to fast-track Plant Lipids’ corporate social responsibility goals. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, multi-fold action plans of Nurture that focus on interlinked spheres of human development, environment conservation and eco-friendly technological advancement have been set in motion. Some of these include finding new ways to reach out and support underprivileged communities, adopting new technologies that benefit the environment, developing new means to consistently increase the quality of our products and the like. We consider Nurture as the stepping stone to achieving new milestones in sustainability for Plant Lipids.

Corporate social responsibility policy

Plant Lipids is one of the Largest producers of Spice oils and extracts in the world. Plant Lipids manufactures and exports essential oils, spice oleoresins, natural food colours, whole and ground sterilized spices to many countries all over the world. CSR covers the entire process by which an organization approaches, defines and develops its relationships with stakeholders for the common good, and demonstrates its commitment in this regard by adoption of appropriate strategies and projects. Thus, CSR is not charity or mere donations but a way of going beyond business as usual, creating shared value and contributing to social and environmental good.


Plant Lipids is actively concerned about the welfare of society at large. To
that extend this CSR policy…

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Plant Lipids’ mission is to contribute to the social and economic development of the underprivileged community.

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This policy will apply to all projects/programs undertaken by Plant Lipids in India through its factories..

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Transforming lives for the better.

Since our inception, various groups have played integral roles in all our successful endeavours. We are committed to working with their communities in improving the overall quality of life, providing means to basic necessities, empowering individuals and actualising potential for economic growth.

We assist them with infrastructure support for irrigation and water purification, help set up the framework for economic sustainability by bolstering small businesses, providing financial aid to the downtrodden and more.

One of our ongoing projects in this regard is the amelioration of tribal communities in Orissa. We are also working towards eradicating issues such as child labour, hazardous work conditions, social discrimination that impede or endanger their life prospects.

Women Empowerment & Rural Education

It is the responsibility of the resourceful sections of the society to support and uplift the underprivileged. As an industry leader, we take pride in our efforts to bring about quantitative and qualitative change in lives of those who are less fortunate.

Apart from our initiatives to provide economic stability to the populace of rural areas, we encourage and facilitate the involvement of female workers from underprivileged localities in our manufacturing hubs and farms. To promote quality education, Plant Lipids allocates resources for the modernisation and reconstruction of local schools in rural areas.

The activities under Nurture are planned and conceived with the intention of aligning with the UN Sustainability Goals of Good Health and Well Being, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth & Quality

Responsibly adapting for nature

Right from the farms to manufacturing units, production processes and equipment are frequently evaluated to explore possibilities for more environment-friendly alternatives. By consulting with ecological experts and environmentalists, we develop innovative methods to reinvigorate natural ecosystems, maintain biodiversity and negate the industrial impacts on the environment. Some of these include educating farmers on sustainable farming techniques, addressing issues related to climate change, conforming to pollution control standards, adopting technology that neutralises the harmful by-products and effluents, actively utilising renewable sources of energy, etc.

Plant Lipids Nurture initiative

One Step at a Time – Sanitation Program

Quality Education is pertinent to an economically and socially secure community. As part of our commitment to identify and support programs aimed to create an optimum learning environment for school children, our team had considered Residential school at Yacharam. Plant Lipids under the ‘Nurture’ initiative has reconstructed toilets at St. Gregorios Balagram, in Yacharam, to promote health and quality of life of the students. We have renovated the toilets with new walls and tiles, new water pipe connection and re-electrification of the entire building to implement the Sanitation Program.

Further, our company understands the importance of Sanitation projects as the availability of toilets encourages children, especially girls, to go to school and remain in the school system. The lack of proper toilets in schools threatens the education of many children in the surrounding area, who are at risk of getting sick due to poor hygiene, and subsequently, miss school. The project helps reduce this risk and empowers students to use the services hygienically & sustainably for good sanitation practice in the community.

Every step of the way, we ensure that none of our practices have a negative effect on the environment or the living beings that surround it. We strive to add value to our surroundings by enriching the natural scenery and safeguarding its benefits and conveniences.

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Plant Lipids is actively concerned about the welfare of society at large. To that extend this CSR policy epitomizes Plant Lipids’ values in defining its responsibility as a corporate citizen. This policy titled Plant Lipids CSR policy further lays down the guiding principles and mechanism for undertaking socially useful programs for welfare, sustainable development, and technological advancements for the society at large. Plant Lipids Private Limited (Plant Lipids) is committed to identifying and supporting programs aimed at:
  • Socio Economic development of community and, those at the base of the pyramid who are unequally endowed/enabled.
  • To contribute to society at large by way of social, economic, cultural development, imparting education, training and development and skill enhancement programs for their development and generation of income.
  • Reducing negative impact of its operations on the environment.
  • To reinforce a positive and socially responsible image of the Company in the society.
Plant Lipids’ mission is to contribute to the social and economic development of the underprivileged community. Through a series of interventions, Plant Lipids seeks to mainstream economically, physically, and socially challenged groups and to draw them into the cycle of growth, development, and empowerment. At the core of this, its commitment is to reach out to marginalized communities through its Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives.
Policy Statement /Vision
Plant Lipids’ strategy is to integrate its activities in community development, social responsibility and environmental responsibility and encourage each business unit or function to include these considerations into its operations. In alignment with vision of the Company, Plant Lipids, through its CSR initiatives, will continue to enhance value creation in the society through its services, conduct & initiatives, to promote sustained growth for the society.
This policy will apply to all projects/programs undertaken by Plant Lipids in India through its factories, warehouse or at contract manufacturing locations as part of Plant Lipids. CSR activities will be developed, reviewed, and updated by reference to relevant codes of corporate governance and international standards or best practices. This policy is also in line with the provisions of Section 135 and CSR Rules framed under the Companies Act, 2013.